Oleg Kosyrev received professional photographic education in the oldest University of Russia - Lomonosov Moscow State Universiti.

His photographic career began in the mid-eighties as a professional photographer, shooting for newspapers and magazines of the USSR.

His work has appeared in Maxim, Playboy, XXL, FHM, Moulin Rouge, Strong man, ProSport, Fashion Collection, People magazine, Egoist generation, photo business, Pro photo.

Photo works by Oleg Kosyrev were presented at exhibitions: "Fashion and Style in Photography", "Eros Moscow", at personal exhibitions.

Oleg Kosyrev is co-author of two albums "Exposure" and "view of life".

The basic direction - artistic photography, photography of nudes. One of the favorite themes - a photo of a woman in the water element.

Specialization - photography in the water with studio light.

In Moscow, Oleg specially equipped aqua studio, in which he experiments with water, fixing its various states. Water - is the link, the conductor of magical energy contained in the beauty of the female body.

 Water surrounds fills the all soften the sharpness of movement. The gentle touch of the skin drops emphasize eroticism, revealing its texture, becoming a natural makeup. Waves continue smoothly curves of the body, enhance the spray dynamics. The perception of beauty of the naked body, akin to an alien element of water, intense and acute.

© 2015 Oleg Kosyrev

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